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CGS is a disciplinary web design & graphic studio run by Sahel Masharqa and we are crafting digital experiences since 1994.


We crush deadlines & wine bottles.

We are collaborative dialogue, visionary thinking and a consistent creative integrity. Combining our expertise in creative thinking, design-led outcomes and high-end production we develop compelling work that sets us apart.

Our biggest motivation at the beginning of each project is the anticipation of the end result and its effect.

We 're currently available for selected projects and collaborations.


A hot list of stuff we do so you don't have to.


    • Print & Projection
    • Signage & Typography
    • Interaction Design
    • Branding & Identity
    • Concept Development
    • Digital Design



  • Website Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Digital Design
  • Editorial
  • Graphic Communication
  • Typography


We 're fortunate to get some great clients.

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